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About Us

Pure Cosmetica's range of luxury face, body, hair and spa skincare, products contain 100% natural oils, oil extracts and essential botanicals with potent anti-oxidants, plant proteins, vitamins and omega oils.


Advanced-C Face Oil Serum with Awaken 100ml Body Oil bottle with a decorative dried palm on the background

Our products are formulated to promote a healthy cellular environment, lasting hydration and skin nourishment. Using natural and organic ingredients helps rejuvenate skin, reduce the appearance of ageing, provide an enhanced look and feel to give your body the best chance for longevity and a healthy life.

Made in Australia.  


A 15ml Protect 15ml bottle laying flat next to a glass tray with drops of protect body oil


Most of the development in skincare is driven by the never-ending pursuit of clear, glowing, youthful skin that attempts to provide a quick solution. Our focus, on the other hand, is based on emphasising the belief that you can maximise your natural beauty and skin health at any age. Realistically, the formula for taking care of your skin, keeping yourself youthful and maintaining this within a realistic expenditure level will always boil down to the following:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep well
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise
  • Cleanse hygienically
  • Protect your skin from UV sunlight
  • Do all of the above tomorrow

Our products are formulated, manufactured, bottled and packaged by us in Australia. This is the best way we can keep an eye on quality assurance, keep a high standard on all parts of the process to give you the best product we can produce.  We know that anything used on the skin should be as pure as possible. 

In addition to this, our extensive knowledge and experience in natural skincare and nutrition industry enables us to source and manufacture from ingredients that are selected for sustainability for the environment.  This is embedded in our thinking and our products.  

We also believe the composition of natural oil and natural ingredients are full of countless beneficial nutrients that have been used for thousands of years  to prove that natural oils used in skincare works and anti-aging is possible.

So we use only the finest grade essential oils and the highest quality, pure and naturally active ingredients, carefully formulated to assist your body’s innate ability to nurture and care for itself. 

Finally, we aim to produce a luxury cosmetic products that are pure, non-comedogenic, silky, never greasy and light on the skin.

Feel confident in using our products.

Make sustainable, natural skincare choices.

Love and care for yourself, your loved ones and your family.