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Ethical & Sustainability Policy


Our commitment to Ethical and Sustainability principles is important to us. It is an ongoing effort to create better products for our customers, a better working environment for our employees and a better environment for everyone.

By embedding our principles in everything we do, we endeavour to help minimise our environmental impact, maintain our financial viability and promote the social aspects of sustainability whilst nurturing and enabling for our future.  Our policies are always improving along with our products but we endeavour to keep them both synchronised.  As such, attached is a brief list of our Ethical and Sustainability principals:

    • Building Performance Management - We provide the opportunity to ensure that our buildings are operating in the sustainable way they were designed.
    • Energy and Emissions - We have a focus on the energy performance of our buildings and how to reduce the emissions associated with energy demand.
    • Water efficiency within our buildings, utilising alternative water sources fit-for-purpose and understanding how we use our water.
    • Our company will encourage employees to volunteer through programs organised internally or externally.
    • Preserving the environment - Apart from legal obligations, our company will proactively protect the environment.
    • Staff Comfort - We focus our attention on the staff comfort experience to promote performance, health and wellbeing.  We adhere to the recommendations provided by the government regarding Covid-19 including social distancing, hygiene and staff safety.
    • Materials and Materials Handling - We are continually driving for improvement in the way we store and handle our materials and ingredients that we use the manufacturing process for our products, identifying where we can use recycled content is part of this criteria.
    • Human Rights - We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.  All partners and staff are actively encouraged to observe international human rights norms within their work.
    • Learning - We will actively invest in R&D. We will always be open to suggestions and listen carefully to ideas. Our company will try to continuously improve the way it operates and provide products that are functional, useful and effective.
    • Packaging - We are committed to working with suppliers to reduce the environmental and social impact of packaging.  In addition, we encourage all suppliers to take all reasonable steps to produce packaging from renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.
    • Ingredients - We are committed to working with suppliers that are also committed in supplying ingredients that are environmental sustainable and social responsible.  We try to reduce the transportation time by sourcing local ingredients as much as possible.  In instances where we cannot source locally, we require proof of sustainability from these suppliers.

    We strive to make our products attractive, functional, useful and effective.  But not at the expense of our philosophies.