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Terms & Conditions


Product Reviews

Once you have submitted a product or customer service review, we will check the content to ensure that it contains appropriate and relevant material. The reviews contain all or parts of the written review, the reviewer's first name, the surname initial, the region location that was provided and the month/year that the review was provided.  

Under no circumstances will Pure Cosmetica will publish personal information unless agreed in writing by the reviewer. The review may be removed after a period of time by us without notice. We might use the review on our website, social and print collateral.

It is at our discretion whether we make the review public or not and what parts of the review will be used. If we publicly publish and use the review, as a gesture of good-will, we will provide the reviewer a gift voucher valued at AUD $20 to be used for on-line purchases only and is subject to the following:

  • We limit one (1) AUD $20 Gift Voucher per reviewer
  • Used for on-line purchases
  • Minimum spend: AUD$50
  • Cannot be converted to cash
  • Must be used by the user and is not transferrable