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Skincare oils are essential for long term skin health. Read on for some commonly asked questions.

What are skincare oils?

Skincare oils are plant-based oils that can be applied on the face, body and hair.

They are purely formulated with 100% natural botanical oils, essential oils and extracts. As a result of their purity, skincare oils contain a vast array of healing and skin supporting benefits. They are rich in antioxidants, have anti-inflammatory properties and aid in skin rejuvenation, making your skin feel healthy in the long term.

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Are essential oils good for my skin?

Although safe for the skin, essential oils must be used in precise concentrations to be beneficial for the skin. If essential oils are used at very high concentration, they can be incredibly irritating to the skin and cause long term damage. Dilution with a carrier oil is the first most important factor to safely use essential oils.

Our face and body oil range contains a variety of carrier oils to dilute essential oils to a level of concentration that is safe for the skin (around 1%). The main carrier oils we use include Apricot oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Almond oil and Organic Sunflower oil.

Can I use Pure Cosmetica oils during pregnancy?

As a general precaution, always consult with your doctor first.

The use of undiluted essentials oils should be avoided for skin application. All essential oils in our formulations have been diluted within the recommended range of 1%. It is not recommended to use Intense-A face oil during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Are face and body aromas synthetic?

No. We do not use any synthetic fragrances in our products. All aromas are from the essential oils or extracts used in the blend.

Each face and body oil fragrance is formulated in the same manner as a luxury perfume: having a top, middle and subtle background notes. Even though the oils absorb completely into the skin, the subtle fragrance may linger for some time thereafter.

Are Pure Cosmetica products gluten-free?

Yes. We do not use any ingredients in our formulations that contain gluten. However, the company cannot guarantee that the product is completely free of traces of gluten from suppliers who might share their ingredients in the manufacturing processes with other oils containing gluten.

Are Pure Cosmetica products nut-free?

Our formulations include almond, soy extract, shea butter extract and sunflower seed oil. We use ingredients which are comprised of a variety of extracts, some of which, derived from a nut source.

Therefore, we cannot be certain whether some of the raw ingredients that we purchase from our suppliers have come into contact with nuts during the manufacturing process. If you are concerned, we would advise doing a patch test to check for any allergic reactions before using any of our products.

Are Pure Cosmetica products vegan?

All ingredients used in our products are naturally derived, extracted or derived from plants or botanicals. We do not use lanolin (derived from sheep’s wool). Therefore, we can claim to be a vegan brand.

Does Pure Cosmetica use synthetic colours?

No. We do not use any synthetic colours in our products – only the natural colour obtained from the essential oils or extracts used the in blend.

Over time, you will notice a change of colour in the product. This is a completely normal process for all natural derived colours – just like everything in nature!

What is the difference between moisturisers and face oils?

Skincare oils do not replace moisturisers, we do need both as they complement each other.

The key difference between skincare oils and moisturisers is that moisturisers can contain up to 90% water and their main function is to hydrate the skin. Just as on any surface, moisture evaporates from the skin, so it is important to seal it in by following up with a skincare oil.

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How do I use face oils?

  • Put your face oil on dry skin after your moisturiser – always apply as the last step in your skincare routine.
  • Apply one to two drops of face oil onto the palm of your hand.
  • Rub the face oil into your hands first and then gently press the face oil onto your face and neck. Avoid your eye area.
  • Allow the oil to fully absorb before applying your makeup or sunscreen

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When do I apply face oils in my skincare routine?

The rule of thumb is to apply your skincare from thinnest to thickest. Sometimes this depends on the consistency of your moisturiser and the oil. Most often however, face oil will be the heaviest, so opt for applying face oil as the last step in your routine.

What face oils are good for dry skin?

When there aren’t enough natural oils in your skin, water escapes making it dry and flaky. Oils help supplement your natural skin oils and revitalise the skin’s protective barrier, thus helping it keep that moisture locked in.

The best oil ingredients that boost moisture retention and improve dry and flaky skin are:



Which face oils are good for oily skin?

Oils high in linoleic acid rebalance the skin’s lipid barrier thus helping to regulate sebum (oil) production. It is the absence of linoleic acid that causes the production of a stickier sebum which clogs the pores.

Oils high in linoleic acid are: Jojoba oil, Borage oil, Marula oil, Squalane oil, which can be found individually in our Advanced-C, Intense-A and Multi-B face oil blends.

These oils are also lightweight and non-greasy.