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The Benefits of Face Oil Cleansing

The Benefits of Face Oil Cleansing

Posted by Pure Cosmetica on 1st Jan 2022

The most basic components to make up any skincare regime are to cleanse and moisturise. As simple as these steps may seem, they can become difficult with the overwhelming choice of cleansing products out there – all promising to do something different for your skin.

Coming across oil cleansing was life changing. The idea of using an oil to cleanse my face was daunting, but after further research, I discovered its amazing benefits and how well it suited so many skin types. Finding such a simple solution to having healthy and glowing skin – I just had to share it with you!

The benefits of face cleansing oils

Our skin contains natural oils that work to protect from environmental factors such as sun, weather variations, bacteria and germs. In order to keep the skin moisturised, glowing and healthy, these natural oils need to be managed to maintain balance in the skin. Oil cleansers support the balance of natural oils, preserving the skin in a natural state.

How does oil cleansing work?

The basic idea behind using an oil to cleanse is that “like dissolves like” – or rather “oil dissolves oil”. It is incredibly effective in breaking down any makeup and excess product on the face yet is an extremely gentle way to do so. This reduces irritation caused to the skin making it well suited for those with sensitive skin or skin conditions. Excess oils on the skin from makeup, sunscreen, sebum and sweat are attracted to the good oils in the cleanser, making for the perfect way to draw out dirt, pollution and impurities.

It is important to have the right combination of natural oils in. These should be oils that are non-comedogenic, meaning they are less likely to clog the pores. Some of the best oils for this include Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and Castor oil, all of which are included in our Pure Body Luxe Face Cleansing Oil.

Oil cleansing simplifies your skincare routine

Oil cleansing can be done morning or night (or both) depending on your skin schedule and needs. I also found it to be a great way to minimise the number of steps in my skincare routine as my skin was a lot more healthy and hydrated. Remember it is always expected for your skin to go through an adjustment period when incorporating new products to you routine – but hang in there the results are clearer, fuller and brighter skin from within.

How to use an oil face cleanser

  1. Add 1 – 2 pumps of CLEANSE Face Cleansing Oil onto the palm of one hand. Adjust this to suit your personal choice.

  2. Gently massage Face Cleanser to dry skin in circular motions. This allows the oils to attract and dissolve makeup, dirt and impurities.

  3. Add a few drops of water and continue massaging the cleanser in circular motions. Avoid contact with eyes. Adding water has emulsified the oils into a foaming texture that washes away these impurities.

  4. Rinse face thoroughly with warm water or a wet face sponge. Dry by patting a towel to your skin. Let skin dry completely before applying the next product in your skincare routine.

  5. Lastly, apply one of our Face Oil Serums. Use a Gua Sha Stone or Face Roller for a relaxing facial massage that stimulates blood flow and promotes lymphatic system circulation.


Simplify Your Face Skincare Routine