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Skincare Rituals


Make the most of your Pure Cosmetica skincare products with our Skincare Routines and How To articles

simplify your face skincare routines with pure cosmetica

How to simplify your skincare routine

Protect your skin's microbiome by simplifying your skincare with Pure Cosmetica

how to use our gua sha and face roller using face oils

How to use our Gua Sha & Face Roller

How to do facial massage that stimulates blood flow and promotes lymphatic system circulation.

How to use our Clay Face Masks

Clay masks area great at absorbing the excess oil. Read how to mix and apply our Face Clay Masks

How to use RESTORE Hair Oil

Transform your hair with our RESTORE Hair Conditioning Oil that repairs the scalp while rejuvenating hair follicles.

How to heal and nourish your dry skin

One of the most asked questions. Scientific studies suggest plant-based oils are beneficial for treating dry skin.

How to use our Face Oil Cleanser

Read on to discover the benefits of our Face Cleansing Oil and how to use it.

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